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We Believe You Skin Deserves Better

Our Story

In 2022, we started Midwest Opulence with the simple goal of helping your skin feel great.
All our products are small batch and made in Des Moines IA 

At Midwest Opulence, we've always been dedicated to providing you with luxurious bath and body products that elevate your self-care rituals. But true luxury extends beyond pampering yourself – it's about creating a legacy of wellbeing for both you and our planet.

That's why we're thrilled to announce a major shift in our bath and body product line: we're ditching plastic! We're committed to using sustainable, eco-friendly packaging and natural ingredients, ensuring your indulgence is kind to the environment.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Plastic-Free Packaging: We're saying goodbye to plastic and hello to recyclable materials, reusable containers, and biodegradable options.

  • Natural Ingredients: Our luxurious formulas are packed with nourishing ingredients you can feel good about using on your skin.

  • Unwavering Opulence: Experience the same level of quality and indulgence you've come to expect from Midwest Opulence.

Join us in creating a wave of sustainable self-care! Browse our all-new, eco-friendly bath and body collection  or visit us at our next event.

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